A company with stories to tell, Kijho Technologies was born from the ideato "make the difference" and from the entrepreneur soul of its creators Maurice Kiglies and Jhoneider Herrera. Kijho Technologies was consolidated in February 2013 with 7 employees, which were the software development team, offering some services such as design and development of web pages, corporate identity, and accounting software, which the company still works on (SEITEM). In short, the business began to grow. Kijho technologies currently has 51 employees that make different departments such as development department, mobile department, design department, marketing department, testing department, support department, sales department and administrative department. Our biggest goal is promote employment, believe in promising and creative minds that wish to explore all their potential in a company.

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We are a company specialized in technological solutions, especially in enterprise software development, online marketing consulting and mobile application development. We have a team of software development, digital marketing, and highly professional designers dedicated day by day to training, research, and growth in knowledge to innovate and maintain the best proposals of technological solutions in the market. We are always looking for continuous improvement and the good performance of each of our services which leads us to place every time better levels both nationally and internationally.


Our mission is to develop technologies according to the customer's needs, providing software solutions, achieving growth and competitiveness through our digital agency. Technological solutions is our thing!


As we move towards our goal of becoming a leading company in the software and computing solutions sector, we project ourselves in 2020 as an influential organization in research and technological invention.

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Kijho Technologies, LLC
714 Enterprise Drive. Suite 103
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Calle: 21 No. 18-13
Office 302 San Marcos Building
734 35 35 - 735 87 44
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Armenia Quindío, Colombia

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